International Shipping

Bulk Lollies NZ ships worldwide using DHL Express Worldwide and shipping costs are displayed in your shopping cart at the checkout.

Delivery Times (Major Cities in Main Destinations)


2 - 3 Working Days

China, Hong Kong, Singapore

4 Working Days

USA and Canada

5 Working Days


6 Working Days

UK and Europe

6 - 7 Working Days

Delivery to areas outside major cities, or where your item is dutiable or held in Customs, may take longer.

Perishable Items

We take every care in packing your purchase for shipping but cannot control sunshine! If it is a very hot time of the year in your part of the world be aware that some items (mainly chocolate) will not last well if left in heat for periods of time.

Address Guidelines

It is your responsibility to ensure that your address is accurate and complete. If you are unsure of how to format your address, please check with your country’s post office website. Most countries require a zip code/postcode, state or region and town.

If your parcel is being delivered to a business address, you must write the name of the business in the appropriate field. If your address is an apartment building, please ensure to write the correct apartment number and street address. Failure to do so will result in your parcel being returned to us or lost.

Delivery Instruction Guidelines

Delivery agents need as much help as they can get when delivering parcels. This is especially true with units or apartments. This includes listing how to ring up to an apartment (e.g. press number or bell), whether the parcel can be left with another person (reception, building manager etc.), how to locate your unit (back of house, identifying features) and where to leave the parcel. If your property may be difficult for the agent to access please consider this when placing your order and write the

Your Responsibility as an Importer

Once you decide to bring goods into your country from an overseas location you become an importer. This means that legally you are responsible for abiding by the import laws set by your country. We are not responsible for any items that are seized or destroyed by the Customs and Border Protection in your country. If your item is destroyed by Customs we are unable to provide any refund. We are also unable to refund for items that are opened, damaged or inspected by Customs.

Will I have to pay any duties or taxes?

When transporting goods across international borders, shipments are sometimes subject to duties and taxes as determined by customs in the destination country.

The majority of our shipments do not attract customs duties, but some countries are more stringent. Of the main destinations that Bulk Lollies NZ ships to those more likely to charge customs duties are Europe, UK, Canada India and Malaysia.

Each country has its own customs laws and the duties for different types of goods and values are set locally. Bulk Lollies NZ, like any other company, must adhere to local customs legislation so duties to clear shipments on charged on arrival in the destination country if applicable.

If your parcel has been returned to us due to an incorrect address or inability to collect it from the post office, we will provide you a refund excluding shipping and handling fee. Kiwi Corner Dairy is not responsible for any additional freight costs incurred.

Missing Parcels

If you have not received your parcel within the delivery time frame specified please contact us immediately on (+64 274 822 907) or We will advise you on the claiming process on a case per case basis.